Monday, 25 July 2011


How do I make sure I don't skip any part of the Publishing Process? 

There are 7 steps in the Publishing Process and some need more focus than others depending on the genre and target market of your book. Regardless of your genre, target market or which steps you place more or less focus on, the same 7 steps required to successfully publish any book are:

1. Writing your Book 
2. Editing your Book 
3. Illustrating your Book 
4. Designing your Book 
5. Registering your Book 
6. Producing your Book 
7. Distributing your Book 

You may have more interest in, be more talented in or think one area requires more attention than others however it is important to ensure all seven steps are followed in every book you produce. A book poorly written or edited will greatly affect the author's reputation and therefore the potential for future sales. A book poorly illustrated or designed will quickly lose the reader's interest once again affecting future sales.

Any book can be published (that's what I call 'The Dream' Book) but there can be legal complications that arise from not registering or incorrectly registering a book. Likewise a book published but never distributed will never earn you a passive income or gain you credibility if nobody ever knows about it or buys it.

To help you ensure that no steps are missed, please refer to the checklist provided to help you on your journey.

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