Monday, 25 July 2011


Which form of publishing is right for me? 

People publish different books in different media, but as previously stated the most common formats are:
1. The traditional book 
2. The audio book 
3. The ebook 
4. The eaudio 

Some people focus on one of these media, others a combination of two or three and some all four. It is very important that you determine which formats you plan to use before you commence any publishing project, as otherwise you won't complete all the necessary steps in order to produce any particular format and will find yourself needing to back track. The following 3 posts show you the pros and cons of each format.

If you pick a single format it will be relatively easy to produce as you will have one point of focus, if you pick any combination of two or three formats it will make the task more challenging but if your aim is to achieve all four then pay careful attention. If you follow all the steps outlined in the following pages, then your book will be smoothly and easily produced in any format of your choice. However if you skip one or more steps you will find you will achieve two, possibly three formats quite easily but the fourth will never live up to your expectations or standards.

To help you ensure that no steps are missed, please refer to the checklist provided  to help you on your journey.

Remember, it is always important to keep your target market in mind when choosing which format is right for you as different target markets respond better to one format or different combinations of formats.

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