Monday, 25 July 2011


Why do I want to publish a book?

People publish books for many different reasons but as previously stated, the most common reasons are:

1. To fulfil a dream 
2. To create a passive income 
3. To gain credibility 

Some people focus on one of these aims, some people a combination of two and some people all three. It is very important that you determine what your aim is before you commence any publishing project, as otherwise you will have no way of reaching it.

If you pick one outcome, it will be relatively easy to achieve as you will have one outcome to focus on. If you pick a combination of two outcomes it will make the task more challenging, but if your aim is to achieve all three outcomes then you will need to pay careful attention.

If you follow all the steps outlined in the following pages then your book is practically guaranteed to achieve your desired outcome. However if you skip one or more steps you will find you will achieve two outcomes quite easily but will always be struggling to achieve the third.

To help you ensure that no steps are missed, please refer to the checklist provided to help you on your journey.

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